Lebo & Mfundo - Bump

December 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I love photographing pregnant women, they just radiate beauty & love!  Lebo & Mfundo are expecting a baby girl in December.  I had a lot of fun working with these two, how stunning is the mom to be!  Hope you enjoy the photos, keep a look out for the baby photos to come!

LebMfun-BW-19LebMfun-BW-19 LebMfun-OR-99LebMfun-OR-99 LebMfun-OR-107LebMfun-OR-107 LebMfun-OR-34LebMfun-OR-34 LebMfun-OR-87LebMfun-OR-87 LebMfun-OR-102LebMfun-OR-102 LebMfun-OR-131LebMfun-OR-131 LebMfun-OR-143LebMfun-OR-143 LebMfun-BW-17LebMfun-BW-17 LebMfun-BW-20LebMfun-BW-20 LebMfun-BW-57LebMfun-BW-57 LebMfun-BW-26LebMfun-BW-26 LebMfun-BW-43LebMfun-BW-43 LebMfun-BW-138LebMfun-BW-138


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